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KeteNZ is an online platform for kids,
awarding digital badges for doing cool stuff!

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What is a Kete account?

If your child wants to set up a Kete account, don’t worry - they’re in safe hands: we are parents too. Kete is designed to bring together the best of the online world and all the good things that happened back in our day … getting out and doing stuff!

The best way to understand Kete is by referencing some things you’ll already be familiar with - it’s a bit like an online portfolio or CV, and a bit like an electronic sticker chart. Kids are motivated to get out and do things in return for a credential (badge) which says: I turned up, I achieved, or I belong.

What logon should my child use?

Our preference is that your child uses their school email address to create their Kete account. They can either select a password or sign-in with Google if that applies.

Using Google to sign-in is the best option: Google are able to verify your child’s identity so that they don’t have to remember (another) password.

Who can see my child’s badges?

Everything is stored within the DigitalBadgeED system. Children can only see their own badges and progress. Once a badge has been awarded, it can be shared elsewhere (just like you can display a trophy wherever you choose). Your child will be able to print their own certificate or generate a sharing link which can be copied to blog, email, or social media sites. Use of these sharing links will be totally up to you and your child.

If your child’s school is issuing badges, teachers at the school can see which (school) badges their students are working towards or have been awarded. This is because the teacher’s role is to track progress and exercise their judgement to award these school badges.

What does “Kete” mean?

Māori legend tells the story of Tāne – god of the forests – who travelled to the heavens to request kete o te wānanga, the three baskets of knowledge (te kete tuauri, te kete tuatea and te kete aronui).

Kete is a Māori word meaning basket or kit: we are literally providing kids with a way to collect and store the digital badges they earn from a variety of activities and programmes.