KeteNZ is an online platform for kids,
awarding digital badges for doing cool stuff!

We know that it’ll be important for our users to understand what data is being collected and how it is stored and used. This policy applies to the information collected in relation to a child’s use of and the DigitalBadgeED platform.

We only collect the information we need

We hold minimal information; sufficient to identify a student, their school, their class and teacher in order to create a student account and ensure that their data is served securely to them and not other students.

Other student information relating to your child’s progress, participation and achievement will be held within the school student management system (SMS) not the DigitalBadgeED system.

We do not hold grades or test information, nor do we track statistics or trends in terms of achievement. We do not control the badges that are offered: schools will contextualise badges to their own environment and local curriculum, and organisations also determine the content of their own badges.

You can see all the information we have in relation to you and your badges

Our system is transparent – our users can see the information we have for them via their Kete account. Users can see what badges they are enrolled in, and their progress towards the achievement of those badges. Once badges have been awarded to a user, they remain visible.

There is no information being stored by the DigitalBadgeED platform about a child's achievement that is not available to them via their Kete account. Profile and account linkage information is presented under the "My Profile" section. A school will hold additional progress information (for example tests and assessments) that may form the basis for a teacher’s decision to award a badge. This information is not stored within our system and is solely the responsibility of the school.

We’ll keep you informed

If a child’s school signs up to provide digital badges, students will be invited to link their Kete account in order to connect to their teacher. This provides them with an opportunity to opt out, in which case we suggest concerns are discussed with the classroom teacher in the first instance.

When we release new features, we’ll make sure our users know how they will affect the Kete account. Our intention is always to ensure that children are in control of their account and can decide which badges to share, and how they would like to share them.

We store and transmit your information securely

Student and badge data is stored securely in the DigitalBadgeED platform, according to industry best practice.

Many non-school badges can be discovered via the website, and there are a number of ways that a badge can be awarded including by unique code.

Teachers will manage the enrolment and award of school badges. This will be done from within the DigitalBadgeED application, with updates immediately visible to students via the website.

We do collect aggregated information for service and web analytics

Like most organisations, some data may be collected automatically when visitors come to our website. This includes but is not limited to IP address, internet service provider, operating system and browser type. This data is useful for statistical purposes and is not collected in relation to any one individual.

We aggregate information about badge enrolments and awards. This helps us to extend the Service further by understanding which activities and programmes are most appealing.

Cookies are small text files which are stored on the user’s computer to help us recognise website visitors and provide them with a more personalised service. Users can turn off cookies via their browser settings.

We won’t send your direct marketing

Email addresses used to create a Kete account will not be used for direct marketing purposes. Users may choose to subscribe to a regular notification which lists newly established digital badges; but they may cancel this subscription at any time.

If you have any concerns we invite you to contact us via the form on our website.